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Secure cargo anywhere, anytime.

Blockchain technology for the control and traceability of international cargo.

Find out who, when and where is accessing your cargo in real time.

At Cloudtainer, we are redefining international cargo security and traceability through the pioneering integration of blockchain technology.

Our mission is clear: to provide businesses with unprecedented visibility into their shipments, allowing them to discover who, when and where their cargo is being accessed, all in real time. This is not just an improvement in logistics; it is a total transformation of how global supply chain security is managed.

Born from a combination of logistics expertise, a passion for technology and a vision of safer and more transparent international trade, Cloudtainer is the result of years of research and development. We saw a world where traceability and cargo security were opaque and complicated, and we decided to change that.

We use blockchain technology not only as a security tool, but as a platform for innovation. Every interaction with cargo is securely and immutably recorded, offering a level of transparency and trust previously unimaginable. Our blockchain-enabled IoT “Cloud-lock” IoT locks not only monitor location in real time, but also who is accessing the cargo and under what conditions, all backed by the security and immutability of the blockchain.

With Cloudtainer, companies not only protect their assets, but also optimize their logistics operations. The integration with customs “green channels” and the global network effect we promote, streamline processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency. We are not only at the gateway to safer logistics, but also to the creation of a global community where cargo moves in a smarter, safer and more sustainable way.

Our commitment is to the future of global logistics. A future where every load, regardless of size or destination, is tracked with the accuracy and security that only Cloudtainer can offer. We invite you to discover how we can transform your supply chain and take your logistics security to the next level. At Cloudtainer, we’re building more than solutions; we’re building the future of international logistics.

Revolutionizing Security and Traceability in the Logistics Chain


Real Time Traceability

With Cloudtainer, you get complete visibility over your shipments 24/7, allowing you to monitor the location and status of your containers in real time. This unprecedented transparency facilitates data-driven decision making, improves operational efficiency and reinforces your customers’ trust.

Measurement of Internal Variables

Our technology doesn’t stop at traceability. Cloudtainer’s IoT Cloud-locks are equipped with advanced sensors capable of measuring critical variables inside the container, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, Ethanol, O2 ensuring that your cargo arrives in perfect condition.

Identification of the Author of the Openings with Biometric Control

We implement state-of-the-art security measures, including biometric control and dynamic token generation, to ensure that only authorized personnel can access cargo. This additional layer of security minimizes the risk of theft and tampering.

Global Network Effect

Cloudtainer not only improves the security and efficiency of an individual logistics chain, but creates a network effect across the globe. By securely sharing critical data, we facilitate seamless collaboration between shippers, customs and cargo owners, forging a stronger and more secure community.

Integration with the Green Channel in Customs

Our solution is designed to fit perfectly with “green channel” initiatives, streamlining the customs process at destination. This means reduced lead times, lower costs and a smoother logistics flow.

Smart Agreements for Unified Management

Smart contracts automate and simplify transactions and agreements within the logistics chain, from shipment to delivery. This automation ensures compliance, reduces errors and improves overall efficiency.


From Conventional Container to Smart Container


The integral solution


Cloudtainer’s Smart Container represents the future of logistics:

  • Enhanced Traceability and Security: With our IoT locks, each container becomes a smart cargo unit, providing full visibility and control over who, when and where cargo is accessed.


  • Internal Condition Monitoring: Integrating advanced sensors for CO2, Ethanol, O2, Humidity, temperature and more the Smart Container monitors critical variables inside the container, ensuring the integrity of the cargo throughout its journey.


  • Blockchain Technology and Smart Agreements: Every transaction and event related to the container including openings and variables is securely recorded on the blockchain, facilitating full traceability and automating logistics processes through smart contracts.


  • Global Network Effect: By connecting all supply chain players on a unified platform, we promote unprecedented collaboration and improved operational efficiency.

Our Promise:

A Smarter Supply Chain

Cloudtainer is committed to leading the transformation towards safer and more efficient logistics. With our IoT lock already in use and continued development towards the Smart Container, we are not only improving the present, but also defining the future of the global supply chain.

Join the Logistics Revolution

The implementation of Cloudtainer’s Smart Container is just the beginning. We invite companies and logistics operators to explore how our end-to-end solution can transform their operations, delivering unprecedented security, operational efficiency and smarter supply chain management.