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Secure cargo anywhere, anytime.

About us

“In a rapidly evolving customs landscape, Cloudtainer leads the way by seamlessly adapting to global regulations. With the Authorized Economic Operator certification, our cutting-edge platform eliminates unnecessary physical inspections, resulting in savings of up to €1000 per container.

Developed in collaboration with top-notch customs agencies, anti-narcotics forces, global fruit and merchandise importers, and major intermodal freight companies, Cloudtainer stands as the pioneering global platform connecting authorities, customs, carriers, and cargo owners. We ensure traceability and security at every step of the transportation process, challenging conventional rules of container protection.

Discover how Cloudtainer unleashes a revolution in the industry, offering unparalleled peace of mind and efficiency worldwide.”

Cargo security at your fingertips.



Absolute Control

Identify container openings, alert and protect your cargo in real time.

Limitless Security

The Ultimate Solution to Combat Theft and Illicit substances Transportation.

Total Transparency

Shares information with Authorities and the Logistics chain.

Fortify your cargo unlock profits.

C O N T A I N E R    S E C U R I T Y 
 A S   A   S E R V I C E

Seamless Protection

Identify container openings, alert and protect your cargo in real time.

Empowering Transport Companies

Boost Revenue with Added Value and Peace of Mind.

Unleash Lucrative Prospects

Explore the Highly Profitable Container Security Market.

Secure your cargo with cutting-edge IoT locks

C L O U D  –  L O C K

Real-Time Cargo Protection Anywhere, Anytime

Identify, Alert, and Track Openings with Cloudtainer’s Revolutionary IoT Locks and Global Satellite Connectivity.

Advanced Security Protocol

Empower Operators and Authorities  to Safeguard Cargo through Mobile Platform Access.

Seamless Alert System

Instantaneous Opening Notifications for the Logistics Chain and Authorities via Cloudtainer’s Platform and Global Satellite Network.